Client: Confidential – kechido

 Mi Role:

UI-UX designer

Complete project execution from research, data analysis, UX design, development and A/B Testing

My Tasks:

App Design


UX Design 



The publisher company creates different funnels to deliver traffic to their experiences, which in this case is KECHIDO.COM. KECHIDO.COM is a loyalty website where users can find sweepstakes across the web. 

The current funnels had  all the same theme making the experience look repetitive. There was a need of a new theme to attract new users and generate interest on returning users.


A gamification strategy and a visual language similar to app games, could be attractive to users, making them go trough  the experiences leading to more user registrations and traffic to the main website.


Before starting and comparing metrics between the 3 different properties of the publisher, there were identified opportunities on the kechido Properties, focussing on Progression of form step 1, progression from 1-2, Progression to first monetization,  which consequently can increase to a higher registration rate.

Progression of form step 1

Progression of form step 2

Pages before progression from 1-2

Pages before progression from 1-2

User profile

User persona by Zarabanda Kt

Some screenshots of Design and base prototype

Results after A/B Testing

After 3 weeks of active testing, and getting to more than 10.000 visits, it was possible to visualize an increase in the progressions of form step 1, progressions from 1-2, and progression to the first monetization. 

With increasing metrics as follows:

44.4% to 56.2% for Progression of form step 1

39.9% to 52% for progression from 1-2

39.3% to 51.2% for progression to First Monetization

With these positive metrics, the experiment was able to be promoted, after QA to fix the CSS internal code, and made some improvements into the design.

kechido Lead funnel

Software: XD – Drupal – CSS – HTML