Client: Angela McNally – Soul Words App

 Mi Role:

UI-UX designer & Developer

Complete project execution from research, wireframes, app design, development final live app

My Tasks:

App Design


UX Design 

App test video


The premise of soul words app is simple: Show an inspiring mantra every time you open it; and each time you tap the screen, a new random mantra appears.
This process began by doing research to get a better understanding of the user. My client used her social media to ask her users what they expected about an app, and she found out her users loved her daily mantras.

Benchmarking helped us to identify other similar apps, to find out the best practices and elements.

Design started by creating a series of wireframes and a user flow to understand the elements that the layout should include.

Later, I delivered the client a series of design ideas in order to define a the app’s look n feel. For Development, I started with a WordPress website and used AppPresser to convert the website into an app.


Before the project, the client used to post her mantras using Instagram Stories, but she was looking to offer this content in a more appealing and user-friendly way.

User profile

SOUL WORDS APP by Zarabanda Kt

Flowchart and wireframes

Design process

Design ideas

App test screenshots

SoulWords App

Software: Sketch – WordPress – AppPresser