Client: Wellversity, charity project by Michael Eisen and Hillary Faye.

Saraz Design Studio



UX Design

WP Development 

Mi Role:

UX designer & Developer

On this membership website project, I was the web developer and UX Designer. From a visual design of a few desktop pages provided by my partner, I had to implement it using WordPress, and a set of plugins such as Memberpress, Ultimate member, The post Grid, Learndash, among others.

My work areas included:

  • WordPress setup and design implementing
  • Login and sign up
  • Learndash setup & all the learning experience
  • Navigation processes for diverse user roles: suscriber, teachers, admin, content editor
  • Content Grid system based on tagging and categories
  • Video hosting and streaming system powered with AWS S3 and Spotlightr
  •  Memberpress for membership system
  • Beta testing with surveys for users and improvements
  • Content upload
  • Chat support system setup

The login and registration process developed  along with our clients after reviewing the User Experience with the whole team. This a long term project that we keep working and improving, based on users feedback.

Visual design was provided by Sara Sanguino, co-founder of Saraz Design Studio.

The issue:
Develop the user experience for a free membership site, where users can access content for personal and spiritual development, from any electronic device.

The Wellversity platform will provide:

Videos, lectures, and presentations (talks), audio recordings including meditations and activations, interviews, courses, podcasts, certifications, and training, writing including blogs, articles, and poems, as well as eventually live events including workshops, training, and retreats. 

Notes from client:

We want website visitors to be able to see all the content but they can only click to watch videos or listen to audios once they sign up for a free account and login.

….by providing more awareness and accessibility to a wide spectrum of wellness  and spirituality resources and teachings,  both new and old

have experienced ignited our desire to share the teachings that helped us remember who we truly are so you can remember who you truly are. 

As times have become more stress filled we want to provide you with all you need to go within, rise in love and remember who you truly are.

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User Journey

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Software: XD – WordPress