Client: Alana Leger Wellness

Comissioned by Angela McNally


Mi Role:

UI/UX designer & Developer

  • user research
  • users journey
  • layout design from a basic sketch provided by contractor
  • WP implementation
  • quality assurance
  • final live website

Web Design




 Project Summary

Our client, Alana decided to bring her workout Bootcamp and training into a digital experience for her clients, through a paid membership website, where users can find different workout videos. Each month she releases new videos along with other materials to join her clients on their personal journey.

The Challenge

  • It has to be simple, easy to use for every female with or without tech skills.
  • Simple interface for users and admins
  • Exclusive content has to be well protected and yet accesible for final clients
  • Efficient tagging and search system
  • Favorites and wishlist user workouts
  • Free trial
  • It has to be scalable and can improve as it gets more profitable
  • Email Marketing and sales funnels integration


The Solution

 Persona / quick user profile

This mood board was provided by Angela McNally

Basic sketch

 Web layout proposal

Final life pages

Alana Leger

Software: XD – WordPress